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Frenchay Alphabet Board

Whatz-it is a tool that supports non-verbal communication in the hospital. It uses a graduated color scale from green to red that allows selection of intensity rather than making a discrete choice. Whatz-it comes with eight magnetic tiles which can easily be picked up and placed on the slider. Customized symbols can be added by the user if required. The contact surfaces and tiles minimize cross infection by being mark resistant and washable.

Whatz-it has come from several years experience in special education in the United Kingdom and the problems with communicating difficult concepts such as pain, when a child is in a potentially stressful situation. Using a simple device like Whatz-it, supported with specific training for the child is a gateway to improved care and more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Whatz-it is a low technology indicator offering:
  • * Simplicity
  • * Progressive not discrete indication of intensity
  • * Uses colors not numbers
  • * Choice of 8 key symbols
  • * Continuous scale avoids choosing the ‘right answer’
  • * Scale 1-5 on the reverse for metrics
  • * Non-slip rubber feet
  • * Washable contact surfaces
  • * Can be cleaned with disinfectants
Whatz-it Features
Symbol tiles are selected and placed on the slider. Whatz-it comes complete with eight symbol tiles.      
Whatz-it tiles being placed on the slider. Whatz-it comes complete with eight symbol tiles.
Whatz-it has its own protective and washable case. Whatz-it has a graduated scale on the reverse side for metrics.
Whatz-it case Whatz-it has a graduated one to five scale on reverse side.
Whatz-it Symbol Tile Template Downloads:
Technical Specifications

Product: Whatz-it
Height: 6.69 in (170 mm)
Width: 8.66 in (220 mm)
Depth: 0.79 in (20 mm)
Weight: 1.1 lbs (500 g)
Tiles: 1.44 in (36.5 mm) square mark resistant ABS with magnet
Symbols: 8 symbols (Widgit© symbols)
Non-Slip Base: Rubber feet ensure a non-slip platform
Cleaning Method: Warm soapy water (will tolerate chlorine based wipes)
Material: Polyvinylchloride PVC
Carry Case: Polypropleyene protective envelope